I woke up, agitated … shaky … wet …
I desire, I want a man, and it’s all because of this dream.

I had a dream, but about it later. First, I want to explain myself. The dream was perverse, so much so that I still feel excited. If I had a guy on hand now …
I often have erotic dreams, but never before has one been so realistic on the one hand and so perverse on the other. I don’t want it, I wouldn’t really want to do it, but the thought of it, dreaming produces such a strong desire …

When my dreams are about sex, I always wake up very excited and stay awake. Now I have decided to write about them – about them, that is, about my dreams. Maybe it will somehow discharge me, calm me down? At least I hope so.

Returning to today’s dream.

I don’t know where from, I don’t remember, at least I found myself with Dominika – my friend in some house. The house stood by the lake, one wall was completely glazed, overlooking the lake.
We sat and gossiped: “What, where and how”;)

Suddenly, a dozen or so guys entered the cabin, tall, well-built and deeply tanned. The ones that I like the most. At first they started talking to us, but quickly finished and began to undress. Dominika said to me:

  • Honey, you undress too.
  • What? I stammered, frightened. And I think I was just pretending that I didn’t know what was going on, protesting and saying that I was “from a different fairy tale”.

One of the guys who dropped all the rags first came up to me and he was brazenly trying to stuff his pipe into my mouth. I turned my head. But wait a minute, Dominika came to the aid of my torturer. She fixed my hands behind my back and held my head. The man began to put his penis into my mouth. I couldn’t close them.

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Immediately, the others came and grabbed my breasts and buttocks. Some hands slipped between my thighs. One of the newcomers followed in the footsteps of his predecessor and also put his club in my mouth.

The others together with Dominika started to undress me. They unbuttoned button by button … until the end. I stayed in the bra, not for long – because they took it off as well. My breasts appeared to the assembled audience. A few guys started crushing them, others kissing and nibbling their nipples.
I felt a growing excitement. The nipples felt hard and tight.

They took me off my armchair and put me on the couch, taking off my jeans and panties. They placed it in a gynecological position … They immobilized, although they did not have to – I would not resist any more.

Dominika stood to the side and watched. And they would come up to me one by one and fuck me. Someone was standing in the back holding my hands, stretched tight backwards.
The first dude came onto my stomach and another came over. It all started from the beginning. He slid and ejected his penis into my wet pussy, slowly at first … Faster and faster … He stuck into my baby … pushed until sperm spurted over my stomach, breasts and face.

Another – exactly the same scene as the slots played back the same situations one by one. Each of them sperm landed on my breasts and face … I felt it flooding all over me.
Next … the same frictional movements, and another batch of semen lands on me. I am beginning to realize that there are more and more of them. In place of the fulfilled, two more appear … and my sperm floods me all over. Semen covers me, all sperm poured into my mouth, flooded my eyes. I can’t see anything anymore, I only smell the sperm and … that it pours into my nose … I start to choke, I don’t have enough air …

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I wake up flooded … then …

And how can I go on sleeping, especially since I was enjoying it? I don’t know if I would like to and could do something like that while I was awake, but such a dream excited me to the max.