A beautiful dream broken in half … I don’t know and I won’t know what happened next. Yesterday I watched a movie, one without a deep message … I mean it was deep 🙂
Anyway, in one of the scenes that particularly turned me on, a woman dressed in leather clothes with a whip “punished” her student. She and her boyfriend stripped her naked, tied her hands behind her back and… this scene probably wrote the script for my dream. And it was like this …

I was driving the car with my boyfriend. We were leaving somewhere, I don’t even remember where. The road was going to be long. Somewhere near the forest we saw a small house. I insisted that we stay there for the night.

A woman opened the door for us. “Heavy”, well-built. This is the type of body that even some men can envy. In principle, one could be mistaken if it were not for the female features and long hair. She invited us in and offered a basement room. Apparently all the others were taken. And this one she gave us after my long pleas. And I insisted for a long time, as if I knew what was about to happen.

After supper, we went to bed. My guy was already asleep, I was still busy with the evening toilet when there was a knock on the door.

I opened it. It was her. Dressed in … Undressed.

She was wearing a bra, a black one, one of those boobs on top anyway. Black thongs, black high-heeled boots. Every item of her clothing is leather. In hand… whip!

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She burst into the room and threw me on the floor. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t get my voice out.

It was chilly. She ripped the chemise off me. My tits tightened, my nipples hardened – from cold rather than excitement. She stood up, putting an icy heel on my stomach. I felt it cut inside me. She cut me over her breast with a whip. A tremendous pain pierced me. Second time… I thought my tits were cracking. And once again she whipped my tits with the whip … A sharp pain pierced me all, especially as she pressed the heel into my stomach harder.

I started crying.

“I’ll relax you,” said my torturer, then knelt between my legs.

She started teasing my pussy with the whip. On the one hand, I was terrified, and on the other, my excitement grew. Or maybe curiosity – what will happen next … I didn’t have to wait long – she thrust the whip into my pussy with all her strength. I felt a great deal of pain pulsating in my lower abdomen. And she – started spinning the whip in my pussy, not letting the pain stop.

As she drilled inside me, the pain grew stronger …

The pain was so enormous that I woke up …