It’s easy to imagine sex workers getting rich easily on the Internet, with headlines highlighting the rare example of a mature Bitcoin-savvy player making 1.3 million dollars in a year.

In fact, the average adult artist can only make a few hundred dollars a month.

Getting Bitcoin (BTC) does not guarantee anything. Content creators are still struggling to attract paying customers.

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era of remote prostitution, with irresistible consumers willing to pay independent content creators, sometimes for the first time. . However, after the blockade ends, sex workers who receive payments directly from customers often report that the “acceptance” of crypto payments is not as high as it was before the last crypto bull run.

In fact, an artist known as Bitcoinstripper told CoinDesk that consumer use of bitcoin is “less likely” compared to the 2017 pandemic that changed the landscape of the industry. He says it’s hard to convince customers to use bitcoin when it’s so easy to offer gift cards and cash, especially when bitcoin’s reputation is in jeopardy. In fact, over time, using cryptocurrency may become more difficult, not easier, for sex workers.

“I have to lead 99% of my clients to work with Bitcoin,” he said.

blues bear market

Additionally, adult gamer Maya Kendrick, a redhead with a penchant for posing in artistic lingerie, told CoinDesk that many of her clients have turned to paying with dollar-stable coins like USDC. . Then, when this year’s bear market sent BTC and Ether (ETH) prices down, customers reduced overall customer engagement.

“They have shorter meetings than they did in May,” says Kendrick. “Usually, I get fewer questions from crypto clients and more questions from other industries like surgeons,” said Kendrick. art”. “Crypto newbies don’t want to pay right now because they think it’s unstable.”

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The Etherealzoey CEO, a black intellectual, has previously noticed a similar reluctance among customers and colleagues interested in crypto.

“Customers are more cautious about crypto and players,” Etherealzoey told CoinDesk, noting changes in the industry during the bear market.

It’s important to note, however, that this change is specific to cryptocurrency and not the general demand for prostitute services, which Etherealzoey describes as “recession-resistant”. A content project targeting “black and brown, gay, obese and disabled gamers” continues to attract new fans despite the overall state of the market.

“It’s the oldest profession and one of the oldest in terms of supply and demand,” he added, explaining that the recession has changed, if not reduced, the need to work directly with artists.

During a bear market, artists may have a harder time convincing customers to pay directly in crypto. However, for some prostitutes, earning bitcoins from regular customers is still a lucrative strategy. The bear market means that when the dollar is low, players can earn more bitcoins for the game.

“I still get paid in bitcoin at least once a week,” said the sadistic, bitcoin-savvy Nicci, a bold and confident blonde from Colorado who runs her own BDSM dungeon. “I’m surprised my business hasn’t been affected. Both online and offline as orders and video sales remain the same.”

threat to privacy

On the other hand, Bitcoinstripper says that there is an increase in controls and bans on prostitutes as cryptocurrency and exchange companies comply with credit card holding rules. He has been using cryptocurrency since 2017 and believes it will make it harder for sex workers to quit.

“Every [market] cycle yields more complete, faster, and cheaper on-chain analysis,” Bitcoinstripper said. “More and more exchanges and banks are refusing to do business with people who earn income from this type of activity, either because of increased regulation or because of corporate policies dealing with political pressure.”

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“In every cycle, we need to be careful about protecting our customers’ personal data. In a bear market, when and where liquidity is low, it becomes difficult to hide some transactions.” , he added.

Also, according to Ellie Awesome, a gamer whose naughty and hilarious content captures girls’ moods, waiting to pay until prices and quantities go up again can sometimes be overwhelming. sex workers in disadvantaged communities.

“If you think in a bull market it’s hard to get people to pay for porn in crypto, that’s okay,” Ally said. “I wonder what those who say bitcoin is the solution to prostitutes’ banking problems are doing to support our community in this bear market.”

The low liquidity of some trading platforms and tools that do not require KYC bank details raises privacy concerns. In crowded places, it is easier for sex workers to remain anonymous. Sex workers must find a balance between trying new tools and avoiding fraud.

“If I’m making UX recommendations in a bear market, it’s not just the beauty of two clicks [UX] fast and smooth, but the people who create solutions to improve UX aimed at protecting privacy and accessibility undocumented, marginalized, or underserved populations Because they like it It suits the majority as long as they can serve for demographics,” said the bitcoin stripper. “We need to be able to use crypto with confidence in every part of the market cycle to make it work for us.”