Cara Delevingne is one of the most photographed figures in the world and an award-winning LGBTQ+ icon. In this immersive journey, he ventures into physical and mental danger in Germany in search of answers and the science of orgasm; using tempek to create art in Japan; conduct a crackdown on women-only sex clubs; Ethical “porn, all in an attempt to understand our deepest desires. In each episode he shares his personal experience. Unique and original, unfiltered, Kara is willing to go the distance to discover what we are as humans.

This insightful and intimate six-part documentary series is produced by Hot Naked Girl in Television (Fremantle) and Milkshake Productions for BBC Three.

Executive Producers: Simon Andreae and Fiona Caldwell | Series Editor: Kate Dart, Hot Naked Girl in Television (Fremantle Label) | Producer/Executive Talent: Cara Delevingne, Milkshake Productions.

Chat with Cara Delevingne


This is your first demo role. Are you excited?

It is not easy. I’ve spent most of my career – the last 10, 12 years – in front of the camera, but I’ve never really been in front of the camera, so it’s hard. That is a shame. The first thing we did was go to Dinah Shores [a lesbian festival] and I felt very awkward. I was sweating profusely on the bench and I had no idea what I was doing. I just feel excited. I have to leave all that I have learned and be myself, she is very active, curious, inquisitive, sensitive.


It’s a very personal movie. Is problem?

Yes, but I think about documentaries, especially about topics close to my heart. I thought I knew what was going on, what the statistics were, or what the general consensus was around the world, but I realized that I knew less about other people than I thought, and even even less about myself. .

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Before you met Simon Andreae (executive producer and CEO of Fremantle UK), have you considered these issues – eg gender, monogamy, sexual orientation?

Force. I mean, I don’t think about making a documentary, but I think about it at the most basic human level: connection. This is how I see the world. I like psychology, I learned it in school, it’s like a global currency. If I go to a party, dinner or something, I always ask this question. If people are struggling with something, have an internal conflict or deadlock, I like to break things down and find out or expose something they don’t know – if they want to, of course. Here’s what I did.


Why is now the perfect time to turn this inner curiosity into a documentary?

I have to thank Simon. Many things have happened in my career because of the advice of others. It’s funny because I think about it when someone comes and says, ‘Do you want this?’ “Yeah, how do you know?” I think I radiated something. We live in more exciting times than ever. People have become open, but at the same time closed. So this is a good time and I hope that there will be a dialogue – no war, only debate – that people will come out and talk about these things.


Which part do you think could be controversial?

Yes, I think men can hardly hear the pause in orgasm. I think there are some difficulties in my family because of political or religious views. But you know what? Someone in the family watching this may have a hard-to-fight secret, whether it’s someone else’s sexual orientation or a husband or wife of 50 years. So it will make people think.

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You didn’t comment on sex on the planet with Cara Delevingne. This is what it looks like in real life

I mean, look, I have certain preferences, whether I like a certain kind of music or whatever, but people have an idea of ​​who they are, who they are or what they want to do. what in life. . Free Time – I’m not interested in judging people. What right do I have to judge others? I am no better than anyone else.


Tell me how to select employees. Some of them have very sad stories, but overall the series looks interesting.

Each of the contributors has a non-traditional background, meaning they’ve been through challenges. Kaya Kali: I’m really sad about River’s story, but it’s great that she’s so positive and an advocate and advocate for intersex people. Gottmick is a friend of mine who was the first transgender to participate in drag racing. One of my favorite things is having people I know, but it’s a mix because I think it’s really important to have more than just friends.