Spaniards appear to be more interested in the idea of ​​open sexual relationships, with nearly half of Spaniards saying they have no more than one sexual partner.

According to a survey conducted by Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) in Spain , more than 47% of respondents agree or completely agree that people can have more than one active sexual relationship at the same time. at the time.

This number represents a 10% increase since the most recent survey in October 2021.

The survey also showed an increase in open relationships, with more than 41% of Spaniards saying that couples can have sex outside of relationships with other people.

But polls show that Don Juan’s country still believes in the power of love.

Nearly 70% of those surveyed agree that “true love conquers all” and another 80% say that people who are truly in love are faithful.

Furthermore, most Hispanics do not think their partners are less attractive, less educated, or have lower incomes.

The CIS is a state agency that measures public opinion on sociological issues. The survey of nearly 2,500 citizens is the agency’s third survey of Spain’s views on social relations in the post-pandemic world.

In addition to questions about romantic relationships, CIS also asked people about their overall satisfaction with family life. More than 41 percent rate their satisfaction on a 10-point scale, while 31 percent are completely satisfied with their friendships and 37 percent are satisfied with their partner — both slightly down from their life. previous survey.

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