Once you’ve decided that you can see yourself camming in the long term, it’s time to get the right equipment for your future career. In the Live Cams world, this means a computer or laptop and a webcam. Keep in mind the better the webcam camera the more attractive your video and pictures will look to your audience. Your laptop doesn’t have to be an expensive gaming device or the latest version, but it should have powerful RAM and processing. For webcams, any of the Logitech cameras would suit your camming needs. They usually provide Models with high-quality pictures and videos, as well as awesome audio quality, this way your viewers will easily hear and see you, and keep coming back. Keep in mind that the most-watched videos on YouTube and online entertainment websites are high-definition (HD) and this means the better you look on cam and sound, the more attractive you’ll be to your viewers. This will also entice them to invest in spending more time with you online. To sum it up, you will need:

  • A relatively strong laptop
  • A good webcam
  • A decent microphone
  • A fast and stable internet connection
  • Lighting of some sort
  • A dedicated website or you can build one of your own and get a payment processor

Try not to rush into the camming business, if you don’t have the funds to invest in your assets, then wait until you can afford the equipment and services mentioned above. This also means having quality clothes, props, and background. Take a few tips from some of the best Webcam Models, you don’t see them in a garage, performing in the dark. You should provide an appealing picture to help attract and keep your viewers. Also, think about your thumbnails, or your preview images, they should be eye-catching. Keep in mind that customers have to choose you among hundreds of other performers.

Spend Time Online

Did you know that most Cam viewers only want to talk? It is common for viewers to want to discuss daily events, their problems, their music tastes, or their binge favorites on Netflix. Chatting is not a necessity, but it’s suggested. A lot of people are looking for some connection and building a relationship. Finding a model with character and that is happy to hear them out is something rare. This not only builds your reputation but builds you as a brand. Occasionally, all that viewers want is a personal approach and it means a lot to them. It doesn’t matter if you give them a couple of minutes of attention or hours, a little can go a long way.

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Get Multiple Revenue Streams

Just like any business, have everything set up before you open the doors. Consider posting banner ads. This should help generate some initial traffic. Advertise on social media if you have built it up. Some Models have a following before they even get into the camming business. This makes earning from the start much easier. When you’re ready to begin broadcasting as a Cam Model, you’ll have to consider how to make your chatroom a fun spot that draws in guests. Being fun and friendly helps a ton. Smile, laugh and simply act natural! It comes through when you’re loose and having a great time, so if it helps. It is important to loosen up so you can easily talk to your fans. This is the initial step to building the sort of relationship with your viewers that will enable you to profit later on. So how do you profit as a Live Cam Models? Tips. Getting viewers to tip is not as easy as one might think. Logic might tell you that being an attractive person, who is willing to entertain on cam would be a catalyst for getting viewers to start tipping enthusiastically. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Viewers like to tip Models who they know and like. Most viewers will not tip a stranger, even if the model is hot and listens to their every wish. The vast majority of Cam Models have to actually work for tips. The allure of becoming a Cam Model is understandable. Especially when you log into popular Live Cam platforms and see their Models being showered with absurd amounts of tips.

Provide a Gift Wishlist

Having a wishlist is a great way to get spoiled and get extra perks from your live cam business. By linking to your wishlist from your camming site profile, website, social media accounts and other web presences, you can give your fans a way to buy you stuff and spoil you. Every livecam star should have a wishlist and use it to get items and products that you want without having to purchase them yourself. Items can range from stuff you use in your shows, stuff you use in everyday life or luxury items. Take advantage of the luxury you get as a cam model.

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Be Yourself and Have Fun

It’s NOT a “build it and they will come” situation where you start your site and loads of money falls into your lap. Like any business, it will take time (both long-term and daily) and you will have to put in the work – you’ll hear about “paying the piper”, and it’s 100% true. Be prepared for ups and downs – a lot of profit one day and nearly nothing the next, or worse, weeks of no incoming revenue. It doesn’t matter how hot, talented, or inventive you are, there are literally millions of Models out there with a webcam. When signing up on a camming site you’ll want to select your Model name. Picking a name can be tricky and you must pick a name that will stick and will attract attention. At the same time, you mustn’t pick an already existing user name, firstly, to avoid copyright issues and secondly to avoid confusing fans. You can use various ways to come up with a stage name like Facebook quizzes that say “add your pets name to yours” or “your name is the color of your shirt and your favorite toy.” You could also go bolder if you like, it’s totally up to you. Just try to make it fit the image you want to create for your online persona. After you’ve chosen a name you like, Google it, to make sure no other Models are using it. Next, if your Live Cam providers offer this functionality, it is a good idea to create a few videos to sell on your cam profile. Videos are popular and it’s an easy way to get tokens flowing when you’re broadcasting. You can upload the videos through your model account and set the price for each. Then, when somebody buys one, they’ll get a download link automatically. How do you handle this and set yourself apart?

  • Decide what you’re comfortable doing
  • Decide on your style
  • Choose a name and stick with it
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Be consistent with your broadcasting
  • Have a store set up (optional)
  • Offer clips your viewers can buy (optional)
  • Be yourself

NOTE: It’s also important to be fluid and adaptable, maybe your current ideas aren’t working. It’s okay to change your style or approach. Remember, there will be a lot of trial and error.