Love … hmm, to fall in love like that, actually. To meet someone who would love me and I would love him. I have always dreamt about this. Nothing was important then, my subconscious was working at a higher speed than usual. I would often draw a picture of him lying on the bed in my memory. And he smiled at me and stroked my hands. It was July and I decided to go to my grandfather who lived by the sea.
So without thinking too long, I packed my bags and hit the road. It was hot and when I got there, I was speechless. It was beautiful, so quiet and peaceful. The days went by until my grandfather asked me one morning to go to my neighbor (who lived next door) and borrow a hammer. It surprised me, but well, it’s a must. I put on an airy short dress as blue as my eyes, let my long blond hair down, and knocked on my neighbor’s door. Convinced that he was an elderly man in his prime, I was speechless at the sight of a muscular young man with a strange expression on my face.

  • Listen! – He asked.
  • Me for the hammer, or actually it’s grandpa … – He just laughed and said, yes, this is grandpa’s beautiful granddaughter, I thought …
  • What were you thinking?
  • What man! I’m Filip, and you?
  • Justyna – I replied.

And can Justynka be invited to a bonfire today, will there be sausages etc. I grimaced, and he won’t be hammering. It’s okay, I agree. I thought: what a jerk, what is he imagining.
He gave me this hammer, and without thinking long, I was right in my grandfather’s backyard. Grandpa, as it turned out, was watching everything closely and had a lot of fun.

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In the evening, Filip came for me and my grandfather. We sat until the night and I even started to like it. Grandpa went to sleep quickly and we were left alone. Philip gently moved his hand down my neck, then he touched my breasts lower, and I didn’t even push him away. He started kissing me, gently unfastening my bra and rubbing my breasts as he continued. I kissed him back, tearing his shirt and pants off. We loved each other passionately and for a long time. He was sensitive, gentle and responsible because he took condoms (Durex :)) out of his pocket, which surprised me a lot. In the morning I woke up at my grandfather’s house. At first I thought it was just a dream … but my grandfather, waking me up, told me how in the morning Filip carried me home on his shoulders.

And so we met every day until my departure. Unfortunately, it was inevitably getting closer. As he escorted me to the train, he kissed me gently, an engagement ring in his mouth. I almost choked, I was angry with him, but as usual he only smiled … I left for a short time, because Filip asked me to marry him and wanted me to move in with him. He had a large house with a beautiful garden and terrace. Well, it’s been 5 years since then, we are married and we always remember how it was simply “hammer” connected us;)