Camming Success

Making a living on camera seems like a dream. You get paid to have fun on camera. It’s so easy, right? Not so much. You need to think about marketing strategies and fan retention, among other things. Fancentro already gave out 5 hot tips to kill it as a cam girl, but here are 5 MORE hot tips to grow your business!

1. Create your Character

Create an online character that feels true to you! Get creative and have fun with creating a new persona of yourself. If you’re stuck for ideas, find out what your current fans like. Are they more into cute role play or more into sassy dominatrix style videos? Once you find your niche, you’ll start bringing in even more fans who are into what you’re selling.

2. Think Outside the Box

You need to stand out from the crowd in the big world of cam girls! Make sure that what you’re showing is fun and unique. Put your personal spin on it. Think about how you can make your videos different and unique in ways that others can’t.

3. Make Passive Income on Fancentro

Upload your videos on Fancentro, and make money while you sleep! Using your previously recorded cam videos on your profile is a great way to reuse your content and continue to make money on it even after the live viewings are over.

4. Stream on Fancentro

A lot of cam models have found major success on Fancentro because of the streaming option that isn’t available on other platforms like OnlyFans. Take advantage of this great feature on Fancentro and stream your videos to a larger audience.

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5. Grow Your Fanbase

More fans equals more money! Start thinking about different marketing strategies that can bring in a larger audience. Maybe you can post more on social media or pay fellow cam girls for shout-outs. Be creative with your marketing. Fans love to have a personal connection with you and know what’s happening in your life. So tell them what you’re doing once you’re off the webcam, and of course let them know when you’re coming on! Continue to grow your fanbase, and you’ll see your income grow too.