Whether you’re a webcam veteran or thinking of starting a live cam business of your own, reading this blog will help you get a better understanding of the tricks of the trade and what are the best and new sites where you can try out your luck and expand your business. As many cam models claim, it’s not always about finding a live cam website that promises a hefty income. Rather, it’s the ones that offer the highest traffic or largest number of daily website visitors that should make the cut. After all, what’s the point in streaming live if you don’t have anyone showing up for your cam?

What is a Cam Site?

A cam site is a website that supports live streaming or transmission from any webcam. Put simply, a cam site hosts a model’s work. Unlike other media streaming entertainment sites, camming is live, which means that it’s important for models to interact with the viewers to attract more traffic. Models can have interactions from chats, to presentations or shows. A cam site usually has a field where the Models’ webcam will be displayed, a chat window, and other features which vary from site to site, like private chats, purchase of tokens for certain special features on the website. Users can use the chat boxes to give their suggestions on what the model can do to further entertain the users, however, it is up to the model to decide if this is something they want to do or not.

In this article, we mention some of the top camming sites below such as Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and LiveJasmin. These sites are popular among performers but don’t all have the same compensation. Due to their popularity, these sites take relatively large cuts from the profit that the cam models make. On the other hand, some sites offer forms of protection for their models as well. That’s why picking the right site is the biggest step in becoming a cam model.

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How To Choose The Best Cam Site?

When picking the best live cam platforms to work with, you should take into consideration several factors. Areas to consider include:

  • Payouts – Do they pay out weekly or monthly?
  • Payment percentage – This means how much of what you make will end up in your hands and how much will the camming site keeps. This can be anywhere from 30% to 70%.
  • Model types – Depending on which camming site you choose, you should check if you’re the right type to support their brand. It’s not just about whether you’re a woman or man, most live cam sites have Model categories, and you should make sure that you are a fit for their gallery of models.
  • Traffic – Look at their page views, consider the amount of traffic they receive, this will hugely impact the crowd you attract and your profits. Usually smaller websites or ones that are less well known have a lower traffic rate.
  • Privacy – Some camming sites offer more privacy than others, whether this is the option of hiding your location or just blocking the state you’re in. This is important when you want to keep your identity hidden or simply for safety reasons.
  • Specialty features – You might like performing alone, but sometimes you might want to spice things up and bring in a partner or group into your sessions. Also, you might want to have a wishlist, where people can send you gifts or where you can get tipped. These special features are also something that you should look for in the platform you choose.
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