What’s Going On: The Moon is in a sensitive Taurus position this weekend. Saturday is the apocalypse of Mars

What does this mean:


Life really slows down this week, especially when it comes to sex. You are less interested in dating, and romantic relationships and commitments seem more attractive. It’s fine if you’re heard, but if you’re single, you can feel lonely. If you’re single and ready to mingle, a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on Tuesday makes you seem confident and attractive, so let’s get started.


This weekend and the beginning of the week have a mild emotional impact, encouraging you to push boundaries and explore the romantic side of your relationship. Whether you’re on a first date or locked into a committed LTR, it’s a sweet and lovely time. This isn’t your zodiac sign’s specialty, but give it a try and you can strengthen your relationship.


You notice that your love life slows down a bit this weekend. Mars, the planet of libido, is outside your sign, keeping you from being promiscuous. Diboo means that you and your partner will have a solid and secure relationship. But if you are single, you may feel weak because your sex drive is low. Tuesday’s astrology encourages you to forge new relationships and find your potential next partner, but beware of your ex on Thursday.


This weekend, Mars in your star will greatly increase your libido and prepare you for action! It’s easy to fall in love with someone and you’ll be more attracted to your friend. If something is good for the FWB, Thursday is a good day to ask. But if you’re really looking for something more serious, I recommend meeting him on Tuesday, and lucky Jupiter will choose you.

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I have bad news, Leo. On Saturday, Mars enters the twelfth house (isolation, darkness and completed cycles) and will be there for the next few weeks. Now you’re procrastinating your love life because it’s too much


Single Virgos will benefit more from astrology this weekend. The Mars to Cancer move makes it easier than ever to make new connections, and if you like someone on your team, this move will set you up for success or at least attract an FWB situation. Virgo is the perfect partner for the weekend. The ongoing connection between Mars and Saturn and the Venus/Uranus conjunction will take you a long way in your love life, share exciting experiences with your partner, and strengthen your relationship. your system.


You will reach a critical point in your love life where you will be called upon to make a real commitment to your partner. The luckiest day for your love life is Tuesday. After that, you should meet your lover/start a conversation with your girlfriend, as the lucky influence of Jupiter will help you. Astronomy will be tough on Thursday. Hidden feelings or secrets that you know can really put a strain on your relationship. The problem is less important than the solution you find. Make sure you can get along


The Taurus Moon this weekend will activate the relationship area in your chart, making it the perfect time to go on a date, date, or meet your next lover. If you want to get more serious about your love life, this week will help you. The influence of Saturn encourages you to chat with your partner or express your love. On Thursday, Venus and Uranus confront and offer great advice

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Don’t expect action this weekend, Sagittarius. As Mars enters Cancer, relationships become less attractive and you begin to look for a deeper, more committed connection. Starting a conversation and saying that you want to get serious with her can bring you a lot of success this week. I already know. Commitment is not your “thing” but I don’t think you will regret it.

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Today’s Moon in Taurus is great for dating or enjoying a fun little relationship, but romantic and serious relationships will become more and more attractive as the week progresses. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! In fact, Thursday’s Uranus blast is great for the sexiest of people! But in general, your love life is on a downward trend. This Astro Weather aims to build strong and secure relationships.


Don’t want to say it, but don’t expect it to happen this week. You often feel that you are introverted and have little interest in socializing and connecting with others. The only thing you can do is Netflix and relax because you don’t

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Love is coming to Pisces! This weekend is the perfect time to flirt, date, and flirt, and you’ll attract the attention of all kinds of people! You’ll get direct messages from people you don’t know (but are still attracted to) and people from all walks of life are now contacting you more. Give him a chance! hang out! let’s go! not so