“My summer love” ??? It’s hard to call it that! “My summer adventure” – sounds better and truer! I’ve been with my fiancé for almost three years. At the beginning, however, it was not very colorful! Two years ago, I went with my family to Zakopane. It was supposed to be a short and not very interesting holiday. We were all focused on sightseeing, walking, climbing … Well, what else to expect after a trip to the mountains … with my parents! On the first day, together with my sister and friend who took us with us, we went to Krupówki. It was a fascination with a place that I no longer remembered and which I rediscovered after many years.

Exactly … And then in one of the stores my sister noticed four very conspicuous boys! Not surprisingly – these were the so-called “trendy boys”. In addition, they could also boast of their beauty. And the jokes started. Like idiots, we followed them – from one store to another – and so through the entire Krupówki Street … In the end, unable to bear my sister’s killer sighs, I decided to do a little “embarrassment” – I jumped to the very center of the street, then I started jumping and waving my hand at their page. I think I would make everyone laugh with my goofy behavior, but the effect was quite different.

We sat by the fountain and, laughing every now and then, we remembered what a jester I had made of myself and how I had missed a chance to meet the guys when, after about five minutes, someone touched me gently on the back. I don’t think I ever burned a bigger beet. It turned out that the guys liked my prank very much (one of them especially) and they dared to come and talk to us. It was pretty cool. There were also pseudo-pairs immediately: Marta liked Przemek (now Shrek), Magda – Marcin, I liked Tom. Only Pawełek remained neutral. We chatted a bit, laughed, and made an appointment for the next day.

And so slowly my “romance” blossomed … Romance … That’s a good word, because I had a boyfriend back then, whom I left in my city! Initially, my contact with Tomek was limited to honest conversations. Everything that fascinated me about him and his colleagues is culture. I don’t think I’ve ever met such nice guys before. Gentlemen in the full sense of the word! Besides, every woman was treated like a lady! It seemed to me that they did not know this world that I have often been able to admire – full of rudeness, poisoned by all the “pleasures” of today. It felt as if they were from another planet.

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Besides, on the outside they were just as impressive! We met in the evenings, because we spent practically every day with our family on various mountain trails. The evenings were my escape from reality. Tomek turned out to be a huge romantic, and the girls could be proud of the sensitivity of their “partners”. Once we spent almost the whole night huddled on the steps of some house, which was located a few meters from Krupówki – I hugged Tomek, Marta hugged Przemek, Magda hugged Marcin. Until now, I do not know if this house was inhabited or abandoned at that time. Nobody was interested in it then! 🙂

There was one night that I remember fondly so far. Our new friends decided to take us to the hill and show its charms at night. Literally! They took their sleeping bags and we all climbed to the top. We spread out softly in the open air, talked and admired the stars! It was an amazing experience … The atmosphere of the place made a great impression on me, probably even so big that I fell asleep quite quickly. It didn’t bother anyone. More people were slowly falling asleep after me.

We didn’t all get up until around 4am when we felt the first drops of rain. But there were balls! We managed to go down, still not wet, but then hell started – total cloudburst. The worst thing was that we had to be in our quarters by the latest in the morning, and we lived at the other end of the city. It took us over 3 hours to get home! Hi hi … It consisted mainly in moving quickly from one stall to the other. As a result, we got there dry to the skin – no one had even a single dry spot on us.

Another time, on the way home, cold and wrapped in sleeping bags, we stopped by McDonald’s for something warm. Our main goal was to get warm somewhere. I remember the expressions of people watching us all. We must have looked “a little” funny! This “a little” is an understatement, taking into account the laughter of the cashier who took the order from us!

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Tomek was a wonderful lover! He gave me a lot of sweet kisses, he hugged me tenderly and caringly, he gently stroked my hair and skin … When I was with him, I forgot about the whole world! After we got home, we stayed in touch for some time. He came to me quite often, despite the fact that we were about 300 km apart. But we realized very quickly that apart from what unites us, there is much more that separates us. We had different worldviews, we perceived many things differently, we came from different backgrounds … What we expected different from our partners! I was irritated by his approach to girls – for everyone he was kind, sweet, almost real Don Juan de Marco!

I was irritated when he addressed them – one was a Pearl, the other a Kitten, the other a Flower! He was irritated by my outbursts of jealousy and anger in such situations … Besides, there was much more of it and I think that if we hadn’t stopped this “relationship” in time, a veeeeery long list of what separated us would soon be created! Now we are kind of friends and that’s all we expect of each other! I don’t know if I ever regretted what happened, sometimes very much, because my relationship with my boyfriend suffered. Meetings with Tomek cost me a lot!

But I am still with that boyfriend, whom I left in my hometown then. I had to work for his trust for a long time and I realized that we must overcome the difficulties that bind us together, and not run away from them each in their own way – into the arms of another man. Hi hi … Now I sing to myself a song: “It’s hard for us to be together like this, it’s not easier without each other, but we must take care of this love, we must not lose it, we must not lose it …”.

I am still with Sebastian and we are happy, we got engaged and we are trying to overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way one by one, although it is paid for with many sacrifices, but what is not done for love! In my case, “summer love” did not survive! “The winter one” survived! Fortunately!