When I came to improve the test, she was already in class. I went inside and closed the door, the echo of its crackling echoing through the long empty corridors of the school. She had her back to me and was slowly wiping the boards. Her loins moved left and right in rhythm, rubbing, and my eyes followed the buttocks of my Polish teacher. Mrs. Magda was not thin, she had a few more pounds, which added to her charm. Full breasts proudly pressed through the tight fabric of the sweaters she wore. The pants always adhered to her legs almost along their entire length. I sat down on a bench right in front of Mrs. Magda’s desk. When the blackboard was clean, it sat down in its place right in front of me. Today she was wearing an extremely daring cleavage, and her hair was styled in a long braid. Elegant, creased pants were resting on her legs, but by her figure they were extremely tight, hugging her bottom in a sexy way.

I waited a moment for her to find the question card and begin dictating. I was very stressed by the test, it was up to it whether I would get 4 on my secondary school-leaving examination certificate.

  • Ready? She asked looking at me.

-Yes – I nodded in agreement and … at that moment I hit the table by accident and my pen fell to the ground and rolled directly under Mrs. Magda’s desk.

Quickly, pick up and write,” she said with a smile.

So I dived under the bench and noticed that the pen was lying next to Mrs. Magda’s foot. I noticed that she was pulling the legs out of them, leaning only on them with her toes. I trotted over to her chair and grabbed my pen. At the same moment, Mrs. Magda moved her leg and her foot rubbed against my cheek. She pushed her chair back slightly and asked:

  • Oh, are you okay? I’m sorry for this…

But I just smiled and said everything was fine. But she was still staring at me with a strange twinkle in her eyes. Somehow I too, staring at her green flecks, did not intend to move back. Mrs. Magda gently lifted her foot and stroked my cheek. I don’t know what got inside me at that moment, I wasn’t aware of the consequences, but I quickly parted my lips and lightly kissed her toes, licking the top of the foot with my tongue. The teacher sighed loudly and then closed her eyes. I took her foot in my hands and rubbed it, now kissing it piece by piece. My hands climbed higher, massaging my calf and then my knee. Quickly from the “all fours” position, I knelt to my knees. When my hands wandered higher and higher her legs, Mrs. Magda, as if on cue, pushed her chair slightly and opened her legs as much as possible. Somehow I didn’t need a bigger invitation, because my member was already tightly tightening the fly of my pants. I settled myself gently between her legs and started kissing the inside of her thighs. She was panting faster and faster, sweetly closing her eyes and tilting her head up. I didn’t wait long, I quickly moved closer to her and kissed her in the center of my step. I felt the material of her pants on my lips. At this point, the teacher seemed to be confused, tightened her thighs on my head and was a bit embarrassed. But she realized that she was hugging me with all my strength and I had no way to get out. So she loosened her grip a little and looked at me with flushes.

  • Where are you pushing that little nose, huh? – she asked slightly shyly.
  • I just … – I had a hard time saying something meaningful – I’d like to taste her …
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Magda’s eyes widened and she was slightly surprised.

  • Me? Are you sure? I’m so fat …
  • Not! – I replied automatically, but seeing her surprise, I decided to continue – Maybe you do not have a model figure, but I just appreciate your body very much and I have long dreamed of finding myself in such a situation … – I bowed my head, afraid of the result of my statement.

But nothing happened, Magda was silent. I was tempted and looked into her eyes again. She was smiling.

  • Really? Are you serious? You like me?…
  • Yes, very … – I did not finish, because Magda’s hands grabbed my head and pressed it lightly against her crotch.

“Then do what you want with me,” she said, so blissfully and thrillingly.

Without hesitating, I started kissing her pants right in the place where her pussy was hiding. Then I pressed the fabric with my fingers.

  • Why don’t you unbutton it? – fell from above.

I pulled back her sweater under which several folds appeared. Then I unhooked one, the other and then the third button on my pants and cut it down. Magda slightly lifted her bottom and I efficiently took off her pants. First I moved her left leg, then the right one. She was wearing white lace panties. As I brought my nose close to her crotch again, I felt the smell of wet pussy. I ran my finger over the fabric and felt wet. I pushed the lace back with my finger and peered underneath. I saw a beautiful, shaved shell glistening with nectar. Thirsty, I began to lick each drop. Magda was moaning softly. My penis was so tight now that the boxer shorts were way too tight for him. So I already felt a lot of discomfort.

  • Mrs. Magda, I already …
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I didn’t have to finish because the teacher got up and came to the desk, leaning on her elbows.

  • Quick, come on! She screamed

I got out from under the table and ran after her. She was sticking her big ass right at the height of my fly. Despite her few pounds, she was still firm and springy. I slapped her hard and she replied with a groan. I quickly unzipped my pants and let Him out into the air. He was ready, as big and hard as possible. First, I massaged her buttocks, then the groove. I grabbed her panties and brought them down to my knees. I found the right path and with a powerful blow stuck in it for the eggs. She gasped with pain and pleasure.

“Mark hard…” she screamed.

I clung to her and began to push her quickly, slapping and tugging her buttocks. I couldn’t get enough of their softness, squeezed them tighter and tighter. Magda was wet and warm. I leaned down more, wrapping my arms around her, My hands wandered towards her cleavage and brutally stretched out my breasts. Two huge spheres bounced to the rhythm of my movements and Magda’s moans. Her nipples were spiky enough, I could easily tug my fingers over them. I squeezed my tits with all my strength, venting my lust. The teacher did not mind, however, because she did not even squeal. The summit was inevitable. So I took it firmly and turned it over. Alone, as if reading my thoughts, she fell to her knees, her lips parting. I pushed my penis into her mouth and after just a few movements I flooded her throat with my nectar. It dripped at the corner of her mouth, but she quickly licked off the precious drops with her tongue. She was on her knees satisfied, red on her cheeks, with her red boobs stretched out over the top. She was beautiful, my Magda, a sexual wonder.

“Nobody fucked me like that in a long time,” she whispered and showed a row of white teeth.

  • Can we do it again? – I asked.

She looked at my manhood then smiled lasciviously. Her hand went between my legs….