It all started one day at school, when Marcinek and his friends were going around school. A large break in the mass of people on the corridors of his school, there will be someone who can be hit. When Marcin’s friends just found a victim of fate, Marcin accidentally tripped over the legs of the girl who was sitting under the classroom. At first he was upset, but when he saw what a beautiful woman he was about, he stumbled over all the narrows at once. The girl with a smile on her lips said “oh magpie” Marcin replied, nothing happened. And he went to his friends all the time thinking about this girl, which would make him almost spread out in the corridor.
The next day, Marcin at school announced that he would not be looking for any taunts today, during breaks because he did not want to, his friends started to look at Marcin strangely, but thought that he was sick and it was just a temporary “break” in their games .

As soon as his friends left, Marcin went in search of a mysterious stranger girl (who he liked very much). He walked all the corridors along and across, but he could not find this lady anywhere. He learned from his friends that she was a certain Magda from a class parallel to his. By the way, he also found out where the wonderful Magda lives.

On the same day, when he came home, one thought bothered him, he was thinking about Monica all the time. (by the way, Marcin was a fetishist and he liked women’s feet a lot and he could have guessed that Magda has a very nice one, because when they stumble over her, she read the catalog in which there were only foot care cosmetics.) Marcin turned on the computer and turned on his favorite fetish Colorado beetles. The next day, when he was going to school, he went to a special house near Magda’s house. It was a large villa, completely fenced off, and a stream ran nearby to which the sewage was discharged. Marcin sighed and went to Buda. The next day, Marcin also went to Magda’s house, and so for a week. Finally, he came up with a brilliant idea to somehow see Magda at home, but how? He thought all evening and finally remembered the sewer that probably leads to Łazienki. The pipe was large with a diameter of about 1 meter. so he could easily pass that way only what is at the very end?

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Marcin was carefully preparing for the trip, he took a small backpack in which he packed a Flashlight, handkerchiefs, matches, and a small digital camera to capture what he sees there. On Friday after school, instead of going home as normal, Marcin went to Magda’s house, they will stand by the stream, and then he entered the sewer, the stench was very big but Marcin did not care about it, he crawled on until he crawled to the grate, which was not tightened. They pass it and there was a branch upwards and straight ahead, Marcin chose gore, of course, because there was less “going” from there, he suddenly came to the cards, the room in which he was located was probably the ventilation system because in the distance you could hear the sound of the rotor. When Marcin noticed that he had reached the grilles by the bathroom, he was very happy. They took out the camera and decided to wait for Magda. Several hours passed and no one was there. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and … Magda’s mother enters, she was a brunette, 160 centimeters. Slim, with a big bum, She looked about 30 years old maybe a little more but she was holding up really well. Marcin has already decided to take photos. Mom turned on the water in the bathtub and then went out somewhere. Marcin decided to hide the camera somewhere in the wheel arch and turn on the movie recording function. He pulled the grilles upstairs and walked slowly downstairs, wondering where he would hide the camera. Next to the tub, he saw a half-tray open, he put the camera there.

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He quickly climbed back;) and watched from hiding what was going to happen. Her mom was back, she began to slowly take off her clothes as if she knew she had to do it passionately and slowly. After a few seconds she was naked, he was standing over the bathtub and with one foot checked that the water was not too warm. She was just in time plunged into the water, and was indulging in a bath.
Marcin started to masturbate upstairs without wasting any time. And the camera recorded everything from a good hiding place. Suddenly Mommy got bored of taking a bath because her hands went to the mouse …

Everything was recorded on the camera. After all the bath, she left the tub and went to bed. Marcin flew back to get the camera at the same moment. Suddenly my mother came to the bathroom again.

  • What are you doing here (she screamed)
  • Er, me. Thread
  • Who are you anyway?
  • My name is Marcin, I am so sorry
  • We’re calling the police soon!
  • Please don’t!
    “Some cheeky brat is breaking into my house!” I’ll show him
  • How about a little exchange?
  • What’s the matter?
  • I have a tap of your self-abuse on your webcam
  • What … (blushed)
  • Yes, I will delete it and you will not call the police and …
  • And what?
  • And let me lick my feet
  • What are you crazy?
  • Not! What are you going to say about it or not?
  • Hm … but will you delete it for sure?
  • You can be sure
  • Well, oki, come to the room