It was Saturday night and my wife and I were going out for a drink at one of the clubs in the old town. I didn’t go out often, but my wife Ewa knew where to go and have a good time, so she was supposed to take me somewhere. There were also supposed to be some of my wife’s friends in the club. It was June, so the temperature allowed her to wear a modest black dress with a full-length vertical slit at the front and lovely red high heels. Ewa is a medium height 27-year-old girl with long black hair, a shapely figure and a beautiful face. She is a classy woman herself, but this evening she looked even more beautiful than usual. I couldn’t see her. I wanted to go home as soon as possible to make love to her, because I knew that if we had a few drinks and we come back late, it would be fine, because if my excitement after drinking it quadruples, it drops the same amount. We were both in a good mood, the weather was great, so I was hoping for a nice evening. I ordered a taxi and we went to the old town.

There were a few of my wife’s friends at the club. They often met in this group, and in fact I went out with them for the first time. All the girls were attractive and positive towards me, which surprised me a lot. Among them was my colleague’s wife, my wife’s namesake, Ewa, an equally attractive brunette with shoulder-length hair and an impeccable figure. She was wearing a matching colored dress and high heels, I particularly noticed her because she looked unusually sexy. I have never seen Ewa as a sexual object before, due to the fact that it is my friend’s wife and my friend Ewka, but that evening a sinful thought crossed my mind. After all, this fantasy to fuck my wife’s sexy friend is something very exciting.

However, I immediately went down to earth, because I could not do something like this because of my wife, whom I love and I could not hurt her with something like that, a friend of mine, after all, I could count on a death sentence from him and would deny it, because he would be right and Ewa she would have to feel attracted to me and that was absolutely not to be felt and it was natural, because she is also a classy girl. Even though I had fantasies about other women, my wife was out of competition for me anyway, she was just mine and I couldn’t exchange her for any other. I dispelled these rude thoughts and started talking.

We had a few drinks, there were fewer people in the club, so the password was given to go somewhere further, we went outside and one of the girls suggested a nearby disco, but my wife and Ewa did not like it, probably because they had been there a week earlier and they were disappointed. We wanted one more drink, so I suggested that we go home to us and have it. My wife liked the idea, so she started to encourage her friends, but only Ewa wanted to have a drink at home. The rest of my friends went to the disco and the three of us got into a taxi and drove to us.

After entering the apartment, I turned on the lights, but only the side ones, so that there was a nice atmosphere and I immediately flew to the kitchen to make drinks. I put the music on and served the drinks to the girl who was sitting on the couch in the living room. They talked about one of their friends, that she had changed and that she could no longer be relied on, etc., but I was completely uninterested in this conversation, because I was sitting in an armchair and two beautiful sexy women dressed in front of me. The alcohol worked, I looked at Ewa’s legs, later at my wife’s legs and on both breasts and in my pants I felt what I love. I couldn’t see these two beauties. Suddenly my wife asked: What are you stiffening for? I woke up and for a moment I thought she meant I had something stiff in my pants, but I just stared at these divine bodies so much that I froze.

  • Sorry, I looked a little bit, but I think you understand because the view is divine. – I replied.

-Yes? – replied my wife with a smile, lifting both tucked legs upwards bending them alternately at the knees. She turned to face Eve and placed both slightly bent legs on her thighs. Ewa quickly picked up on the subject, noticed that I was almost cooked with this view, and she also started slowly waving her legs. They did to spite me. I knew I couldn’t count on sex that evening because my wife had already had 3 drinks, more than the amount that would give me a chance to convince her to have fun at night, so I would have to wait until morning. With a smile, I stuck my tongue out at them.

“You are frantic,” I said, “how can you play with male hormones?” If you want to fool around, do what’s at the table on New Year’s Eve.

-And what did we do on New Year’s Eve? –Eve asked.

Last New Year’s Eve, when we were sitting at the table, the girls fooled around showing each other their tongues, then began to touch them and finally kissed. The kiss was short enough, but long enough that I felt a sudden rush of excitement and was speechless. Eve’s husband, who was sitting next to me, reacted in the same way. I had never seen my wife tongue-kissing a girl before, and every time I remembered this short scene, I felt excited.

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-you kissed in public with your tongue, a little nervously and briefly, probably, because a lot of people were watching, but I still have this scene in front of my eyes to this day – maybe you will repeat it calmly? – I offered a bit shyly, not believing that I said it, alcohol certainly helped me with it.

My wife looked at me in silence and at once at Ewa, who did not know where to look, whether my wife’s eyes, me, or the door.

  • I think you got carried away by your imagination – my wife replied after a short while.

“She suffered … but I would do anything for a sight like that,” I said firmly and encouragingly.

  • How much work is not Ewa? – My wife said probably smiling at her.
  • Nothing! – The sexy brunette added just as their lips began to draw closer together.

Eve touched the hair behind my wife’s head with her right hand as if she wanted to press her head against hers. They began to touch each other with their lips, using their tongues subtly, they sought pleasure. They did it slowly and passionately, both with their eyes closed. I was sitting in an armchair and I felt my inner pressure increased several times, here is my awesome wife sitting in front of me and her friend who is already hot for me, kissing passionately and never stopping! I don’t want to take my eyes off them for a moment because it’s all over soon, so I want to enjoy every second. Only to my surprise, the girls do not stop kissing and Ewa’s hand is on my wife’s thigh in the place where her dress ends and in this area she moves her along the leg.

My Ewcia grabbed her friend by the hip and got her other hand in her hair. Their kiss looked as if they were competing in a contest for the most passionate. I put my hand in my pocket and made some space in the pants so that the pressing blood could flow quickly, it didn’t take more than a few seconds and I had to reach out because there was not enough space. In the meantime, my wife lay down on her back, Eve was kneeling over her and the kiss continued. Eve’s hand traveled from my wife’s neck, slightly stopping on my breasts where it made a full circle and went to the inside of the thighs. I noticed there were two hands, one was my wife, who took turns touching herself and Eve between her legs. I thought they were horribly horny at each other, which turned me on even more, I didn’t want to leave this room, even they wouldn’t force me out.

I was looking at Ewa’s outstretched butt in a colorful short dress and I wanted to come over, tuck it up and taste her shells and then fuck her from behind. It’s just that they are playing there as if I wasn’t here at all, I didn’t want them to be scared off, so I decided to keep looking. The fly on the wife’s dress was already unbuttoned along its entire length and the dress unfolded to the sides and she was lying only in her underwear. Sex bomb friend started kissing lower and lower her head and thus more sticking out her ass. Only now my wife looked at me and extended her hand to me. I couldn’t hold back the joy, so a wide smile appeared on my face, I quickly stood up and walked over to her, knelt down and kissed her. She tilted her head back and whispered in my ear:

-You like what? I didn’t have time to answer because she continued: You’d fuck her, wouldn’t you? I looked towards my wife’s legs where Ewa was kissing the most beautiful things through her panties, she looked at me and slowly began to come closer to my mouth, but she passed it temptingly, reaching my wife’s mouth again, but in a moment she grabbed my hand, got up and pulled me towards the end of the couch where she told me to sit down.

-Look what Eve needs. She said slowly. Her hands flew towards the wife’s panties, together they quickly took them off and the panties flew up to the TV. Ewa knelt low over my Ewa and started licking her clitoris. Now I was sitting at the end of the sofa, and my bottom was at my fingertips with slightly visible panties, on the left side I was touched by my wife’s leg, which I began to touch. I did not see what was happening between Ewka’s legs, because the view was blocked by Ewa’s slightly moving head. I wonder how many pussies she has already licked, and I had the impression that it was not her first time with my wife. I looked at my wife’s face, on which it was obvious that I didn’t want to stop, she started to moan softly with excitement. After a while she sat down and took off Ewa’s dress and unbuttoned both bras. On Ewa’s left shoulder blade,

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I noticed a tattoo of some predatory cat. Ooo… yes… I thought, you are definitely a horny cat. My penis was so ready that it started to break up through the belt of my pants. I put my hand on the pants and started rubbing them. My wife saw it and got out of Eve’s room and knelt next to me. She quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled off my pants, my dick sticking out like never before. She pulled her tongue out and slowly licked it twice, then put it in her mouth. As I love it, this is probably the most enjoyable moment right after orgasm, of course. I closed my eyes and relished those light touches on my wife’s lips. It lasted maybe a minute when she grabbed him with her hand and began to moan. What happened to her? I glanced to the left and saw how a completely naked Ewa stuffed her two fingers into her unbuttoned pussy and, with her tongue and mouth, gives her a sharp cunnilingus, while with the other hand she caressed herself, taking turns putting her finger inside and massaging the clitoris to the sides. The wife was shaking her ass, her head was lifted up and her mouth opened wide, making loud sounds of excitement. Such a view could not help but affect me.

I felt that I was approaching the end and I really didn’t want it, because there was a new exciting experience waiting for me, namely fucking a new, definitely pretty, disgustingly sexy cougar pussy together with the woman of my life. My wife also felt that she was about to finish too, because she bent all over and came down from the bed with her feet, taking her pussy from in front of Ewa’s nose. She turned and lay her breasts on her breasts, and with her pubic mound touched her womb. In a moment, she raised her hips a bit and put her hand in so that she could caress Eve. It was that moment, two wet pussies lying in front of me with my legs spread apart, in the blink of an eye I took off the rest of my clothes and started licking my wife’s treasure. It didn’t take long because I heard him say to me, “Put it in!” I didn’t wait a second, grabbed my stiff cock to the max and stuck it as deep as I could until she groaned in pain. A bit shallower now, but fast.

My hands were on her buttocks, and they were bumping against me. It must have been fucking nice for her, because she was lying on a great body with big breasts, she kissed her on the mouth, she was shoved from behind by me and both of them were delighting each other with their fingers. Now, in this excitement, I could hear the moans of both, which pushed me to the breaking point. She moaned harder and harder and said: do this! Both of you do! I’m done !!! These words alone act as a tool for releasing ejaculation on me, and we all started to move faster and crazy, and we all made loud moans. I burst in the middle, flooding the entire space, and for a moment I made back and forth movements, then I left her and sat on the bed. Eve shared our excitement too, and she had an orgasm with us. Looking at the shapely stretched legs of the girls, I was glad that everyone was fulfilled. A stream of sperm flew out of Ewka’s pussy and ran down to her friend’s pink hole. I wanted to slowly smear it on both shells, but Kocica did it for me, picking up what was flowing down with her finger and slowly pushing it inside.

Now I was able to leave this room, so I went to the bathroom where I washed quickly and dressed. When I left, Ewa went to the bathroom and I hugged my wife and told her that she was divine and today she showed me something that I never expected to see, although I dreamed about it. At the same time, I realized that in this whole act of love, I hadn’t even touched Eve or she had touched me, and out of the three of us, the true love triangle, only my wife survived. Even so, I was not disappointed, I was not at all satisfied and happy. Ewa left the bathroom and said she would be coming home. I offered to order her a taxi. A moment later she left and I thanked her for an unforgettable experience.

I was in heaven, because that evening I did not even count on ordinary sex and something happened to me that I will remember for the rest of my life, I would not suspect that my wife would go as far as to such bold erotic experiments. Even though she was the star of the evening, I felt that I should repay her for it. She has proved that she can have fun and that she does not lack the courage to new experiences. In my head, I have already started to plan the evening in which I will fulfill her most hidden fantasies.