Outdoor Sex Guide – Winter Edition 

Outdoor sex can be fun. Orgasms, fear of being caught, and adrenaline pumping orgasms can be enough to pump blood to anyone. While most people think the outdoors should be for warm sandy beaches, there are ways to stay warm outside during the winter. 

In fact, the hottest kind occurs when it’s cold. It pays off with new experiences and an invigorating cupcake season.

While it’s undeniable that spending more days outdoors in cooler climates is undeniably true, you should take precautions to keep everyone safe. The cold makes it difficult for some men to get an erection, and in severe cases, cold air can also affect the sensitive skin around the genitals. But there are ways to have safe sex outside in the cold, so let’s see how.


Be careful when choosing a place

As with any type of outdoor space, choosing the right location is everything. Avoid places where you have no control during sex or in front of the camera. Choose a place where you feel comfortable and consider others when making decisions.

Many people choose to have sex outdoors for the first time on private property, whether they rent a cabin in the woods, have sex in the backyard or garage, or some other amenity. But of course, there are other considerations when it comes to outdoor sex in the winter.

When the winter type is enjoyable, consider the outside temperature, the wind, etc. If your face starts to freeze as soon as you step outside, it’s probably too cold outside to have sex. But if you’re adventurous, there are a few strategies you can use to have fun in the cold.

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Choose an indoor or sheltered location that will protect you from the cold elements. For example, some rooms have outdoor hot tubs that provide a refreshing contrast between hot and cold. Many people choose to stay outdoors while camping, opening tent windows and enjoying the outdoors. Tents help keep warm and some people use sleeping bags and blankets to keep warm. If you can hook up a heater nearby, that’s another option. But there are easy ways to stay warm during outdoor sex.


Save some clothes

Many people are used to nude sex, but leaving some clothes behind is also beneficial. This can be a godsend, especially during the winter when you can pull down your pants and get your private parts in. You can also stay warm by wearing sweaters, jackets, pants, boots, and jackets.

Another advantage of wearing half length clothes is that you can quickly pull up your pants if you hear someone approaching. There are also scientific studies that show people who wear socks have more feet in the snow. If you wear a skirt, pair it with leggings or leggings. It provides easy access to the genitals and keeps your feet warm. 


Remove expectations

Expecting orgasm from a sexual experience is healthy, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Sex should also be adventure and passion, all of which can be explored without orgasm. 

In addition, one person can go out more easily in winter than another. It offers oral sex, finger sex, remote control sex toys and other options. You and your co-workers can take turns knowing who needs support, where, what everyone is wearing, etc. Be realistic, have reasonable expectations, and think about potential obstacles.

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Always safe

There are plenty of places to go to the top in winter, even outdoors. That said, being safe means being aware of your surroundings. Sex should be quick and dirty, with little time spent in intercourse. Many people recommend using different foreplay strategies to get both partners ready to have sex. Dress as warmly as possible and only slightly undress. If you still enjoy it a lot, you can continue the fun inside. 

In terms of personal safety, always watch out for signs of frostbite when it snows. It can be hard to focus at the moment, but no matter what, your health must come first. So, before stepping into the cold, educate yourself about frostbite and make sure everyone involved is aware of the potential risks.


Always plan ahead

Great outdoor sex requires planning ahead. Get the right gear, know the weather, and choose weather-appropriate clothing. Many people have discussed the possibility of a room type before, but it is still spontaneous. Instead of carrying around lubricants, a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer can be an alternative. Some lubricants last up to three days and provide a larger window. Remember, if you have sex on the surface of the room, it must be cleaned afterwards. Remember that it’s important to be polite to people who arrive after you and your partner have left. 



Outdoor sex is a great activity in winter, but you need to be careful and cautious during sex. It’s also one of the hottest experiences and awareness, research, and planning are the three things that make it even better. 

As always, stay healthy!