I’m 19 years old and I’m stupid to admit it, but for these holidays I was convinced that no one would ever want me. Yes, I have friends and, funnily enough, almost all males, but to be with someone you need more than character, you need appearance, and I’m not the thinnest one. In addition, I have a sick heart, which makes me shut down even more. It’s not that I have any problems with networking (on the contrary), it’s rather that I try not to think of any boy as a potential partner. This summer, my friend and I went on vacation to a holiday home near Rabka, which was run by our friend’s aunt. There aren’t many attractions around there, mostly nature. Unfortunately, this year’s holidays are not the driest ones, therefore, after the first two days of wonderful sun, the heavens gave us rain. I felt terrible and spent the whole morning in my room.

At that time, Karolina, because that was the name of my friend, managed to meet almost all the holidaymakers from our house and after making sure that I would be fine, she went with them to Rabka, about 30 km away. I was in bed for an hour, but it was very stuffy in the room, so I put on a blue dress (the only thing I had on hand) and went downstairs. There was a bench under the balcony against the back wall of the house. I sat on it, leaned my head against the wall, and closed my eyes. It was chilly, a little rain started to drizzle, but all in all it was very pleasant. At one point I heard steps beside me, I opened my eyes and saw a tall brunet, about 30 years old. He lived on the ground floor. He smiled at me and asked if he could join him. I agreed and we started talking. His name was Krzysiek, he had been divorced for a year. I was surprised by his honesty, after all, we didn’t know each other at all before. His trust made me open to him as well (so far I don’t know how he managed to do it). I told him about my illness, we talked about everything. It was late so I said I had to go. He got up to say goodbye to me, he hugged me, it was incredibly sensual, until you could feel the tension in the air that had arisen between us.

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There was only one bathroom for the whole floor (not very comfortable), but hardly anyone, just a family with two children at the end of the corridor. It was already late so I knew I didn’t have to hurry, because they went to bed quite early because of their children. I took my things from my room and went to the bathroom to enjoy a warm shower. When I returned to my room about an hour later, wearing panties and a thin blouse, I found Krzysiek in it. I was a bit scared, because I was not expecting anyone, especially him. He said he was waiting for me and he came over and kissed me. I have never felt anything like this in my life. I have kissed more than once, but no one has ever done it so sensually. I was a little scared by my reaction, and a little confused, I smiled at him. He smiled back and began to remove my blouse. I hesitated a bit, but he stroked my cheek and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

He said it so softly that I believed him. In a moment I felt his lips on my neck, then on my breast. I took off his sweatshirt and then his pants. We went to the bed. He will put me on his lap and his tongue and hands continued to play with my body, he turned and put me on the bed. He took off my panties, now I was lying completely naked in front of him. He held my hands as I tried to cover himself and began kissing my thighs and then the most intimate parts of my body. I was on fire. I pulled away from him and gently rolled onto the bed, took off his boxer shorts. I have left the shame behind me a long time ago, I was glad that I could give him pleasure.

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Krzysiek, I forgot about it at all, I just wanted to feel it inside me. He knew it. He lay down on top of me, looked into my eyes, and began to enter me. It wasn’t too bad. It was true that there was a bit of pain, but I forgot about it quickly, watching how Krzysiek’s face changed, his faster and faster movements – it was amazing. Karolina found us sleeping together in my bed. She didn’t say anything, she understood.
Krzysiek was there for two more days, we made love a few more times and I had my first orgasm with him. He had left neither an address nor a phone, but I guess he sensed that I wasn’t expecting it. He only left red roses for me with the owner and the memories of the three strangest and most beautiful days in my life.