Have you ever heard of compersion? It’s a term frequently used in the polyamorous community to describe the feeling of happiness one gets from their partner enjoying a sexual encounter with someone else.

The fuck my wife/hotwife and cuckolding fetishes take these fantasies to the extreme; however they are somewhat different from each other.

The Difference Between Cuckolding and Hotwifing

Hotwifing is when a woman gets fucked by another guy at the encouragement of her husband. He gets pleasure from watching and listening to the act, while she gets pleasure from feeling desired by another man. Though hotwifing is often done at the encouragement of the male partner, both parties receive a lot of enjoyment from it.

It can be as simple as inviting another guy to the house for a good time or the woman being passed around at a swinger’s party. Either way, it’s all about having fun.

Cuckolding is a bit more intense. It’s a similar idea in which the wifey still gets pounded by tons of other people, but in this scenario, the husband is a tormented sub who remains under lock and key during the act. In some cases, he even gets his cock locked up in a chastity device and maybe gets to cum while he watches his wife get fucked by a stud from a cage in the corner. But, of course, cuckolding doesn’t always have to get so extreme — it can just be a husband who doesn’t get to fuck his wife while someone else does.

Cuckolding Fetishes

There are different fetishes even within the cuckolding world. For example, there’s a big focus on interracial cuckolding in which husbands stand in the corner while their wives get pounded by a massive BBC. That brings us to the next subset of cuckolding: the small penis aspect.

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Another type of fetish is called SPH or small penis humiliation, in which men with small penises love to be told how pathetic and useless they are, and that’s the reason why their wives have to find bigger dicks to satisfy them.

There can also be a feminization fetish with cuckolding that involves the cuck dressing up as a sissy maid or just wearing women’s panties around the house. In most cases, the cuckold sub usually takes on many household chores and makes sure that everything is how his “miss” would like it. He does it in the hopes that she will grant him some pleasure even though he knows he’s not worthy at all.

There can be any number of BDSM games played in a cuckolding relationship. There can be bondage or no bondage. It can be rather vanilla, or it can be kinky as hell. It’s a fun game that can be played for an evening or a lifetime. In many cases, especially in relationships with feminization, a cuck mistress will use her strap-on cock to fuck her husband in the ass instead of using his cock for her pleasure.

So, what are the major differences between a hotwife and a cuckold relationship?

In a hotwife relationship, the man is usually more in control, but it’s not to humiliate or subjugate the woman. Instead, the husband usually picks out the potential partners, provides his wife with lingerie and outfits to wear for the big event, and they may even direct the stud to do certain things to his wife as he watches.

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With cuckolding, the woman is always in charge, picks out her own lovers, and does whatever she wants — much to the enjoyment and chagrin of her submissive charge.

Some cucks come to the lifestyle through real-life circumstances. For example, they find out their wife is cheating on them, and for some reason, it arouses them. The whole situation torments and excites them, and while they have a real choice in the matter, they love feeling like they don’t.

In general, cuckolds tend to have more lust for their partners after they’ve been with someone else. No one knows why this aberrance from the norm has evolved, but some people have theories related to evolution and the continuation of the species. If you’re not sufficient as a man, you don’t want to pass on your seed. You’d rather see your wife getting banged by a strapping hot muscular guy, right? It makes sense from a caveman perspective, at the very least.

Bringing the Fantasy to Life

Whether you’re a hopeful cuck who wants to meet a mistress or a hotwife husband who wants to find more studs for your wife to get pounded by, you’ve come to the right place. NaughtyFriendGirl and ALT.com have a thriving community of cucks and hotwives who want to play and advise those looking to explore these fetishes.