My name is Pawel.
I met Ania on the chat.
After a short conversation on general topics, I managed to involve her in a conversation that had a more intimate atmosphere.
Married, 32 years old, tall, blonde, has already dated people from the chat (but she was not particularly happy), she likes the challenges posed by life, she likes variety in sex, she does not intend to cheat on her husband.
This “not cheating” and “dating chat people” sounded quite dissonant of course, but I wasn’t going to investigate it during the chat chats.
A few neat words, a few soft boasts for the cool, and the girl agreed to meet for a coffee.

Old Town, Basilisk.

Again the same, I lost my tongue for a moment, it’s easier for me to write in the chat than to talk live. Fortunately, I usually catch the eye of women, and the gimmicks “sold” on the Internet now pay off. Anyway, Ania is very talkative (I wonder how her husband can handle such a chatterbox). She is 170 centimeters tall, rather slim with light folds around the waist. Despite the fact that she is over thirty, her mouth is delicate, even girlish. But her eyes are the eyes of a mature woman who knows what she wants. Below, a tight-fitting blouse promisingly enhances the right-sized breasts, a tight-fitting black skirt and black pumps on a small heel complete the image.
It’s nice to talk, it turns out that we have a lot of common topics: swimming, inline skates, skiing, photography (also erotic), travels, Krakow, painting. I slowly relax and take the initiative in the conversation, I’m finally here to drag her to bed. I propose to change the premises, she is “for”. And at this point, instead of saying “or maybe a hotel”, I’m pissing like a fool “and maybe we will go to the National Museum”.
What hit me!?!
She agrees to it willingly, I think I scored it with her. I had a hard time thinking – let it be such an investment.

Aleje Jerozolimskie, the National Museum.

Our goal is the Gallery of Polish Painting and the Quo Vadis exhibition. We analyze the colors of Gierymski, admire the dynamism of Kossak’s paintings, the mood of Malczewski’s landscapes. Now I’m starting to talk a lot, I’m finally really interested in painting. Ania is impressed and I gain self-confidence

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Come on, the world of the pharaohs …

My fantasy is already taking me over here.

Ania goes ahead and instead of the puffy clothes in the display cases, I look at her figure, how she sways her hips gently as she walks. She’s really sexy. I think he’s teasing me. As I stare at her every step, each balance of her hips pumps a shot of blood around my loins. Then I make a desperate decision.
I approach and quietly so that he doesn’t hear the janitor who is also watching her, I whisper in her ear “I want you to give me your panties now”.

She stopped for a moment, I surprised her and she was probably considering whether to shoot me in the mouth, joke or … But in a moment sparkles appeared in her eyes. She nodded and returned to the previous room while I distract the janitor. After a while we are back together and Ania, with flushed face, stealthily gives me her panties hidden in my hand. They are really skimpy, just the thought of how they look in them makes me hot. We go further. So that she sees it, I put it to my face and take a deep breath of the scent. They smell of damp, warm, they smell of a woman.
The next room is empty, the janitor is left – it is certainly not his district anymore, I lightly push her against the wall, we cling to each other in a hot kiss.

Unfortunately, you can hear that someone is walking, we go to different corners of the room with great difficulty. I cannot focus on any exhibit, the hormones have exploded, and I have only one goal – to have it immediately.

Next room,

some collection of weapons,

we just pretend it interests us.

At one point he shows me the door with a mirror with his head,

nobody is watching

we are already on the other side – it’s an empty corridor with junk,

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but ?!!!! this door with a mirror on this side has a normal glass!

You can’t see us and we control room no. XIV.

I kiss Ania on the neck and I hear her heart pounding, is it mine or hers? I pull up my tight blouse, I am burning up but I try to be gentle, I unbutton my bra nervously. What a sight, her breasts are a real miracle of nature, lush, bouncy, with beautifully protruding nipples. Our lips stick to each other, he unzips my pants, finally, it was really tight there.

Attention !!!! An old bumblebee walks up to the mirror and straightens the wallpaper on his face, paints thick lips with lipstick.

We freeze for a moment.

But it is enough to be quiet.

I pull up my skirt, it slightly opens her thighs, it’s damp and my touch makes her shiver. I can’t wait any longer.
My lover gently moves her hips. I feel like she’s incredibly horny.

She’s finally gone.
It’s high time we gasp louder and louder.

Ania sticks her long nails into my arms. I lose control and just nail her to the wall. A few more hard thrusts and I feel the wave of contractions ripple through her body.
She’s got a real breakout, she’s hitting on me like crazy and I have to hold her up so she doesn’t lose her balance.
These contractions that make my pussy tighten on my weapon also complete my excitement, at this point I come too and pump more shots of choppy nectar into her.

Breathing heavily, we stand tightly hugged for a moment. Normal awareness returns. We look through the mirror – only some elegant woman is staring at the sword at the other end of the room. One last passionate kiss and we can go back.

We adjust our clothes and quietly slide into the fourteenth room. I don’t think anyone realized.

Żoliborz, near her house.

Getting out of the car, Ania shakes me a goodbye with a distance, but in a hushed voice she says “come up with something equally good for the next meeting”.