Holidays have always been associated with passionate, hot and unforgettable love, which when he grabs a man in his claws giving so much happiness and pleasure, it will never let him go again. Unfortunately, I was one of those people that this great love never reached. Although God is my witness, I looked for her everywhere: in discos, in pubs, on the street, but either she wasn’t there or I couldn’t find her. I had the feeling that she was avoiding me like FIRE, and I, poor man, couldn’t help it. I felt lost, lonely. Countless times I stood in front of the mirror and asked myself: “what’s wrong with me?”, “Why doesn’t anyone want me?” Yes, there was always something that didn’t suit me, but nobody’s perfect, right?

One day I decided not to tire myself anymore and not feel bad about the lack of love and went with my friends for a stress-relieving trip to the pub. Unfortunately, it turned out that this trip was very stressful for me. Not only were there a lot of couples in love every now and then blushing to each other, but also my friends did not improve my mood at all, because they constantly talked about their other halves and this is how I found out how happy Paweł is with Kinga, how they understand each other without words, nothing but planning a wedding, and Ania over and over for forty minutes “because Damian is …”, “because Damian that …”.

I had holes in my nose of it all, I realized that I simply envy them in the world. I ended up shutting myself up in the four walls of my room and listening to love songs, dreaming of true love. Then I had one dream, I wanted to get away from all those couples in love. Go to a deserted island. I can say that the dream has partially come true. The next day my parents told me that they had signed me up for a summer camp by the sea. “Just great”, “It can’t be true”, “I don’t want to go there” my thoughts swirled in my head. I could not imagine myself among such a large group of people, huddled in the tight compartments of the train. The next day, I was standing at the station with my luggage on my back, and I was constantly trampled and pushed by people squeezing through them.

I didn’t look back, and I was sitting in one compartment with seven people who gave the impression that they had known each other forever. Their conversation probably covered all topics I know, ranging from politics through music, fashion, ending with sex. The chats were endless, only I was sitting like that gray mouse, unable to get a word out. Even when asked about something, my reply was perfunctory, blushing at the same time. Which made me terribly angry. The journey was a real nightmare for me, not only was it endless, it also forced me to listen to all this crap about summer loves, moments of forgetfulness and the like.

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After arriving at the place, it turned out that almost everyone knew each other, so there were small groups sticking together. Only I was walking in the back, enjoying a moment of solitude after a night in a crowded compartment. Deep down I was praying for a single room, realizing, however, that this is just my dream, which has no chance of coming true, and I would necessarily have to share a room with one of the campers.

The days passed slowly, endlessly, and I still had no friends, not to mention girlfriends. One sunny day, while walking on the beach, watching the gulls eating on bread, I ran into a small girl, knocking her over.
“Sorry … sorry …” I muttered under my breath, “no … no … I didn’t want to.” I felt a blush flood my face. I did not know what to do, the girl is lying on the ground, and I stand like that pillar of salt and blush like a beetroot. “Nothing happened,” said the unfamiliar girl. “My fault,” she added, “I looked at the seagulls and didn’t notice you.” She smiled so sweetly that my legs immediately turned to cotton wool. “My name is Monika” she introduced herself, “and you?” she asked. “I?” I asked, puzzled and flustered. “I eat … I’m Łu … Łukasz”

I exhausted the sound. “Let me invite you for a waffle as an apology,” she said. I had no idea what to do, accepted the invitation, gathered all the courage I had, and forced my non-listening legs to follow the stranger. After a few days of our conversations, I felt delighted. Monika turned out to be a kindred soul to me, with the only difference that she was not a closed person, but open to people. However, despite this, we had a lot of common interests, we liked watching the same movies, we read the same books, so day by day we learned newer, sometimes surprising and funny things about ourselves. With Monika, I became a completely different person, maybe because of those romantic walks that I took with her every day on the beach.

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I have become more open to people. I started to enjoy their company. One day, during such a walk, with the sound of the waves, the screeching of gulls and the sun was leaning towards the west, we went to a wonderful place surrounded by rocks, which could only be reached from the sea. We decided to go there to breathe a bit after a long and tiring walk. We talked, we laughed and suddenly I did what I had dreamed of for so long. I kissed Monika expecting to be slapped soon, challenged from the biggest pigs. However, this did not happen. Monika smiled at me, bent her ear to her ear and whispered in her cute voice “I dreamed about it for so long, let’s do it here and now”. I was completely choked, I could feel the blush struggling and trying to penetrate my face, which I couldn’t let it do. I, a man who dreamed only of a kiss by such a wonderful person as Monika, is to experience this passionate and hot love for which he dreamed so much.

“But I’ve never done this before,” I muttered under my breath, losing the fight to the blush that flooded my face, hoping that my honesty would not discourage Monika. There was a long and uncomfortable silence. It lasts forever. “It’s okay,” she said after a while, “I’ll guide you.” We kissed passionately for a long time, Monika showed me how she likes to be caressed and touched. As soon as I saw her naked, all my skin was covered with goose bumps, I was so excited to see her. Our caresses made us dizzy, red-hot bodies miraculously cooled the sea waves, washing our entwined bodies in a loving embrace, the rays of the setting sun gave our skin a golden glow, everything spun and seemed to live its own life. The sand under his back scratched his skin pleasantly.

Monika began to wave at me steadily, her hips were steadily falling, then rising again. Increasing the pace with each passing second. After a while I felt a wonderful tingling sensation in the genital area and a wave of orgasm overwhelmed my body. After a while, Monika also began to climax, making moans of pleasure so wonderful for the ear. We lay there for a good half an hour, savoring the wonderful impressions and enjoying our closeness. Today it’s two years and seven months since we are a couple in love, planning their future lives together, and I started to believe in summer love …