The story I want to describe happened in July this year. It was the 18th one of one of my best friends. All my best friends were present (we made a kind of package) and the boyfriend of Magda. We waited for Magda’s cousins ​​and their friend, who were to reach us from a town located almost 300 km away. They were about an hour late. Earlier I asked Magda about her cousins, you know: are they handsome, what age are they, what are their names. Back then, I wasn’t thinking about any adventure, because a month earlier I broke up with my boyfriend and wanted to be free. At one point, I left the place to buy a mobile card somewhere. I must have been gone for 20 minutes.

When I got back, they were already there. Then I saw him – tall, tanned, with glasses (I have somehow that guys with glasses turn me on: P), dressed in an interesting way – a guy in my taste !! However, I immediately chased away thoughts of a chance for any romance. We were introduced to each other. His name was Jarek. He was not one of the cousins, but their friend who had brought them. Everyone had two beers and the conversation somehow started to stick. My buddies have informed me which one they like. I also admitted it. After some time, Magda took me aside and asked: Do you like Jarek? I said: Yes, very much, but I don’t want to get involved with anyone. And she said to me, “Remember, one word is yours and it is yours” and she went to her boyfriend. These words surprised me a lot. Somehow it was so hard for me to believe her words.

Jarek was a 4th year law student. I thought to myself, where I, this year’s high school graduate, future biology student, to such a guy. I can’t change the fact that my self-esteem is very low. But then it all turned out somehow. There were no disco clubs in the place where the 18th party was held. So we went to a place where you could dance. On the way, Jarek and I had a lot of conversation. Normally, I didn’t see what was happening around me and that we had already arrived. You know, the disco is full of people. It was hard to squeeze into the toilet or the bar. I had a few more beers but was still in normal condition. We talked non-stop. It’s been a long time since I had such a pleasant conversation with any guy. Finally we went to dance. Fast songs favored mutual smiles, and when a slow song was played, Jarek brought me closer to him and hugged me. I felt great – the world ceased to exist outside of us. He started kissing my neck and then kissed my lips very tenderly.

Even though I didn’t want any adventures, I didn’t defend myself against his kisses. After some time, however, it was necessary to get down to earth. My friend Ewa grabbed my arm and said that it was already 4 and we should go home. Indeed, she was right (I told the house that I would be there at 3). I was terribly sorry when I had to say goodbye to Jarek. However, I was reassured by the thought that she was staying until the next day. He asked me to show him around my city the next day as it was the first time he had been there. I agreed without hesitation.

One of my friends, Kasia, “made friends” with one of Magda’s cousins, Kamil. We met in the Old Town: Magda and her boyfriend, Kasia and Kamil, another cousin – Michał, and of course Jarek and me. We went for ice cream first. This time, unfortunately, the conversation did not stick too much. At one point, I started wishing we had kissed each other in some way. But when we showed them around the city, everything started to change dramatically.

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We spent the whole day together until 10 PM. We all went to Magda’s house. However, Jarek and I sat down on the bench in front of the house. I asked him if our contact would break with the moment of his departure. Jarek said nothing, which surprised me horribly. I asked again and he kissed me then. I am a distrustful woman by nature, but also naive. I thought to myself that I was stupid and naive, that I believed that he would come back here just for me.

But I liked it so much it kissed me back. The guys were driving to their hometown, they were passing my house, so they gave me a lift. Saying goodbye to Jarek was one big kiss. And he went. I fell in love with him like a stupid teenager. However, Kasia (the one from her cousin) was in the same situation. She was rocking too, but in Kamil, of course. After a few days, we lost hope of ever seeing them.

A week has passed since the last meeting.

Magda called me to come over to see her. To be honest, I didn’t feel like it, and I started shunning myself by making up some silly excuses. Magda, however, said that we were going to the funfair in a parcel and that I was to be at her place in an hour. In the end, I agreed. Punctually in an hour I was crossing the threshold of her house. There were several men’s pairs of shoes in the hall. I thought: her dad is not in Poland at the moment, brothers are also gone, and her boyfriend would normally leave one pair. And who leaves the big room ??????? JAREK !! Jeju, normally I jumped on him !! All this week, I instinctively chased away the thought that I would see him again someday. He said, “See, I’m here just for you.” We went to Magda’s room. He started telling me that he had missed me so much this week, that he wanted to see me so badly. I believed, I was so excited about his presence.

We went to amusement park (Jarek and me, Magda and her boyfriend and Kaśka with Kamil, who came with Jarek). My dream student dragged me to the merry-go-round, which I had wanted to ride all my life, but I was restrained by fear. All in all, when I left her, I just felt sick and I felt dizzy to such an extent that Jarek had to take me to the rest of my friends: P. Then we went for a beer in the Old Town. I didn’t want to drink because it was common sense. Everyone drank two beers and I had a Coke. Eventually the guys started chatting about sex.

Then I went to the toilet with Kaśka. Magda came after us and asked if there was an occasion, if we would like to make love with “our” boys. She meant situations where we would all be in the same room, but any girl would only make love to her boyfriend. I laughed at her and replied that for me sex is a pleasure that my partner and I get sensations from, not someone who is in the same room and hears me moan. Magda just asked me not to be so upset and asked Kaśka for my opinion. Kasia said that she would do what I decided to do. Then we went back to the boys. Magda’s boyfriend suggested that we buy a few beers and go to his apartment to watch a movie on the computer. I didn’t feel like it. I was afraid that what Magda mentioned could happen. However, the girls persuaded me, promising that nothing would happen for sure and nobody would force me to do something that I did not want. So we took a taxi and went to Adam (Magda’s boyfriend).

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Adam’s apartment was actually not a typical apartment. His parents lived on the 11th floor of a skyscraper, and they arranged a laundry room for him, and he had a completely different door to his room than to his parents. We came, Adam and Magda went to get a drink. Kaśka and Kamil admired the views on the balcony, and me and Jarek were sitting on the couch in the room. Only a small lamp was on. Without starting a conversation, we started kissing. He kissed my lips, on my neck, began to touch my breasts. I couldn’t resist him, he was so tender and gentle. But suddenly Adam entered. “Sorry, I’m not disturbing you,” he said and took something.

Kaśka and Kamil returned from the balcony. We started talking about something there, but I don’t remember what it was. The missing pair returned. They told us to get off the couch and took out 3 blankets. They took one and went to the floor behind the table in front of the couch. Adam turned on “Boys Don’t Cry.” Suddenly Magda asked if we would not be bothered when they started making love. We said no, but let it be dark so that we would not be forced to see them. They did as we asked them to. It was completely dark. Jarek did not wait long. He started kissing me again. He slipped his hand under my blouse and touched my breasts.

We covered ourselves with a blanket and then he started kissing them. Caressing my neck with his tongue, he reached my mouth. He wanted us to love each other. Initially, I didn’t want to. I was fucking tough, but when he kissed me again, I softened, totally softened. We started to love each other. We did it in several positions. However, we only had half of the sofa bed, because the other one was occupied by Kaśka and Kamil. Kaśka said in the toilet that she would do what I did, and you know what they were doing (under the second blanket). Apparently, my sense went to sleep then, because he did not speak at all. We made love 3 times in a row. It was really lovely. The worst part was that my cell phone kept ringing – my parents. And I was afraid to pick up because I was supposed to be home a few hours earlier.

Finally around 4:00 am I decided I should go. Lying on the bed, I looked at Magda and Kaśka. They were lying in the guys’ arms, tired after sex. Shit – it was a normal orgy, I thought. As a reasonable kid (J), I should have regretted what happened. But no! I couldn’t regret it.

It was so spontaneous and fun. I have never experienced such an adventure (considering that apart from Jarek, my only partner was my previous boyfriend, whom I broke up with a month earlier). Jarek escorted me to a taxi rank. He kissed me again as tenderly as he could and thanked me for the wonderful experiences. I drove home. I told my parents that my friend was drunk and I had to help her get home. They kind of swallowed, but I’m not sure of that until today. I saw Jarek the next day, before his departure.

And that was the last time I saw him. I was beginning to realize that this was just an adventure on his part – a one-night stand. At first, I regretted having given myself to him. However, looking more closely at the events of the night, why should I regret it? I liked it very much (I had a dozen or so orgasms: P) and I should also treat it as an adventure. It’s been a while since that event, and I am happy again with the boy I broke up with a month before my adventure.