Lovely Paris Hilton in Slivmas.

The 41-year-old media personality celebrated on Monday with a series of voluptuous photos, in which she can be seen standing next to a tree adorned with sexy lingerie.

The photo, taken by photographer Kevin Odajewski, shows Hilton wearing tights, a lace bra and belt. She paired the look with a pump and diamond necklace, ending with a classic Santa hat.

In another photo, she wears a long red coat with the words ‘I’d rather go naked than a fur coat’ by Philipp Plein and shows off her lace-up gloves.




They also celebrate the holiday with Hello Kitty candies and decorations.

This Christmas in red 🔥🎄❤️ 🔥 #ThatsHot #MerrySlilvmas,” she captioned the photo.

In the comments section, Demi Lovato praised Hilton’s look as “the 🔥🔥 icon“.

Hilton’s photo came out after she and Kim Kardashian were posed together at Katy Hilton’s “iconic” Christmas party over the weekend.

Little friends Kris Jenner, Paula Abdul, Heidi Klum, husband Paris Carter-Rohm and sister Nicky Hilton post Christmas photos on social networks.

For the event, Paris wore a red lace dress and shiny silver Mary Jane shoes, while Kim, 42, opted for an evening gown with high-waisted leather pants and a turtleneck model. dictionary. In the smoke wear a bra.

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In addition to a photo of her best friend in front of a white Christmas tree, Paris also posted family photos with Nicki, Katy and dad Rick, and a photo of her husband wearing a tuxedo and playing with 60 people. -DJ Abdul Sr.

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Klum, 49, wore a stunning off-the-shoulder white dress, while Katy, 63, wore a red-and-blue plaid dress with a large red bow on the chest. Another photo of Paris and Kim in the mother-daughter duo.