If you’re feeling anxious about getting back into the dating pool post-pandemic, you’re not alone. With physical interaction plummeting throughout the pandemic, it comes as no surprise that people may feel nervous about getting out into the dating world. But, whether you’re looking for a quick, consistent sex partner or long-term dating partner, there are ways to get over potential dating issues that have arisen because of Covid.

Remember That Others Quarantined Too

Most of the people you date spent 2020 in quarantine also, so chances are they can relate to your experiences. Being in isolation is tough, especially for those looking for short-term relationships, long-term relationships, or fuck buddies. If you were in a relationship, things might have been even worse, given that many relationships did not survive the chaos of 2020. Remember, a lot of people were just trying to survive the pandemic, so you’re all just starting to get back on your feet. Keep that in mind as you begin to venture back into the world.

Communicate With Your Dates

Everybody feels a bit awkward, tense, relieved, and unsure of how everything will work from here on out. So, whether you’re still wearing masks and quarantining out of an abundance of caution, or you’re ready to get out and meet people in person, it’s still a good idea to try a few warm-up laps before jumping right into meeting people. Chat potential dates up via instant messenger or cam-2-cam chat and get to know them before you get to the good stuff. Not only does it give you a chance to find out if you’re on the same sexual wavelength, but you can also see if you’re on the same page in terms of pandemic safety.

This deep level of communication is an essential part of the process and can help things go a little more smoothly. Of course, those who ignore that the pandemic happened when going out on dates utilize a valid strategy, but Covid gives people a way to relate to each other. Things have been rough, and if you express that you’re just getting back into the dating and social world, the person you’re chatting with will likely understand.

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Go at Your Own Speed

If you have anxiety about meeting up with people or are more nervous than usual, messaging people rather than speaking with them in person can make it easier to express your feelings and your thoughts. If people do not understand that your process is a little more cautious or may take a little more time, move on to another person. People love adult dating online because it is much easier to go at your own pace. When you meet someone at a bar or club, they often expect a text message or phone call within a few days. Online dating lets you go at your own pace because most people don’t expect a response right away. In fact, many people don’t even check their messages every day now that outside life is picking back up, which really takes the pressure off.

Be Open And Aware

Many people worldwide are looking to jump in and make up for the time they lost during the pandemic. With all of the optimism surrounding Covid right now, many people are finding themselves going out on many dates, going to bars, going to clubs that open, and finding themselves purchasing tickets to concerts, shows, and more. Make sure you are not overdoing it and are considering your mental health when making plans. Rather than jumping in and doing nine dates in one week, spread the dates out, allow yourself to get your energy back, and make your safety a priority.

Safety is an essential part of online dating, so take the time to find public places to meet up, let somebody know where you’re going, and check-in with them regularly. Don’t forget to bring proper birth control and STI protection and set up some limits and boundaries before you hook up.

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Try Intentional Dating

Intentional dating is getting a lot more attention post Covid than some of the other dating strategies people use. Whether you’re looking for sex or romance, it’s important to make sure your wants and desires are met. Having a conversation about this process can be fantastic. It opens up communication with the other person to talk more about their intentions without directly asking.

Plan Your Dates Ahead of Time To Prevent Awkward Moments

If you’re looking for casual sex, plan your date with intention. Ensure your date is located somewhere near your place, so there’s a convenient transition from the date to sexy time. Some people recommend meeting at or in front of a person’s place beforehand, so there’s a sense of familiarity that helps build the trust needed to get physical with someone after a date. Those who are less interested in having sex after the first date may plan a location that’s a little bit further from both people’s places to allow for an easy exit.

Final Notes

Preparation is an essential part of dating post-Covid, and going to NaughtyFriendGirl puts you in a welcoming and non-judgmental community. So whether you’re looking to ease yourself back into the dating world slowly or looking to jump in and have some casual fun with new people, the benefits are well worth the effort.