Steamy Membership Story – A story that takes place in the office

As I spread my fingers farther apart, I thought and wondered why I did that. How can I sit in the corner of the table with my skirt pulled up to my waist and my shoes on the floor next to my dress?

Still like a blurry picture, it’s you.


My bare breasts trembled involuntarily, and my big black nipples stood up. Bill, my colleague, knelt in front of me, burying his face between my legs.

We’ve been exchanging nasty messages for weeks and it’s finally here. He asked me if I had the courage to get under the table and play with him. Taking this as a challenge, I laughed, “Okay, move the seat back so I can make room.” To prove my point, I took off my shirt, unbuttoned my bra, and dropped it on the edge of the table. When I ducked under the table, he unbuttoned his pants and released his semi-erect cock.

I started fiddling with his cock and quickly became a raw human weapon. Good luck to the beautiful rooster! In my own experience, not everything looks good, and certainly not everything tastes good! They were thicker than anything I’d ever seen, and at first I wasn’t sure if I could fit them all in my mouth. I enjoyed sucking on the cock, tasting the slick slime and starting to press on my mother’s swollen head.

It’s very good! I quickly felt my head grow as I sucked more of his stiff cock into my mouth and stroked his other dick. I knew he was coming and I let go of his big cock and started cutting his dick. When he started to ejaculate, he grabbed my bare breasts.


I felt my cat purr and now I know it’s raining. “Great!” He said as he pushed the chair back. Come sit at my table now.

I moved to the table and sat at his request. He pulled at my skirt, took my panties and tossed it aside. Now it was her turn and she wasted no time sticking her tongue inside the wet triangle. My body reeled as he licked his tongue at my erect clitoris. He started eating my pussy and gave me a really good orgasm while I was completely relaxed. After the orgasm, I barely had time to breathe, and I felt the mushroom tip slide over her erect lips. I can’t resist. I took the stiff cock in my hand and brought it to the edge of her wet pussy.

I gasp as he begins to move the swelling inside me again. I lifted my hips slightly off the table to give him the perfect angle for his penetration as the large cock slid easily into my slippery cunt. He knows what he’s doing and starts with a short, flat stroke.

I can feel my cunt stretch with each penetration as it opens up more to accommodate his huge cock. His hands reach behind my back and grip my hips as my legs dangling at my elbows, pushing me over and over again. “Deep deeper!” I said. He smiles as he sinks deeper into my wet tunnel. Every thrust finds a new pleasure zone in the vulva.


He started pumping faster, harder and digging his big, plump cock into my pussy, then stopped and started moaning with pleasure. I could feel his head was like a mushroom and I could feel his manners… and then I felt his huge cock vibrating and shaking. “Oh my God! He’s in me!” I thought. I’m late. Also, the heat of contact created another powerful orgasm inside my vulva. He slowly continued to push in as his penis softened and left the hot tunnel.

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A wet cock leaves a trail of semen on the table. I knew I was riding a horse too and I could feel his sperm mixing with mine in great numbers. Bill released his hand from mine as he retreated from the drenched cat. He slowly knelt down. “OH!” she speaks. “You have a cat.” “Very spicy, fragrant and delicious!” I’ve heard this before, glad to know men love it! I leaned forward and looked between my legs. My pussy pounded and sprayed her own lady juice.

He noticed a clear scowl on his face. “What is happening?” Bill said. – Why did you enter me? I ask. He laughed and tucked the wet cock back into his pants… – What good is it if you don’t go in?

That’s it. Besides, my pussy is still beating happily. I reached down and ran my fingers up and down her wet pussy. The slippery mixture inside is even more disgusting. It feels good.

Of course, it’s not over yet. I’m tough, but I want more. Bill slowly walked away while I grabbed my pants and shirt. I pulled up my skirt to cover the wet playground. My bra is still on the table. Outside the cabin is a couch and a few chairs, often used for lounging and talking. Bill stopped there and turned around and smiled. “Come here for a moment,” he said.


My chest swings freely as I walk towards him. I made sure I left wet marks on the floor because I knew I was getting a drip.

He took my hand and sat me on a large chair. Bill pulled my skirt up to my waist. He knelt between my legs and opened my hips, revealing my wet pussy. “Oh my God! I’m dreaming. He’ll eat more pussy!” He opened his swollen lips with his fingers and pressed his face to his groin. It moved its mother deftly and began to open its mouth full of excitement. Mom started pinching and twisting my clitoris and I let out a groan of protest. I think he’s very good at snacking.

At least a few more minutes, but I don’t look at my watch! I love to follow a man’s penis! After a deep orgasm, my clitoris became extremely sensitive. It was so much fun when mom moved to my clitoris, then to my penis hole and vice versa. My first orgasm was like fireworks. “Are you happy?” Bill asked. Our smooth blend is glossy on the lips. “Oh yeah!” My answer was “Don’t stop!” I thought, “He’s having fun, great!” At that point I did it again. arrive?

My pussy is wet and eats a lot! Finally Bill got up and took off his pants. He lays my face down, my stomach resting on the wide arm of the chair. My body is sitting on the chair and my feet are not touching the ground. It will give him a good view of my wet ass and pussy.


That thought made me even more excited and nervous to see what would happen next. He has another erection! Without effort, without control, his stiff cock slid into my wet pussy from behind. “Hands off,” I thought. As before, penetration was very shallow at first, the big cock rubbing against my clitoris. He went deeper into my opening and started picking up speed.

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The amount of juice we pee and the expansion of the pus make a sucking sound after each pee! “God, I love talking cats to me.” I was hesitant at first too, but to my surprise, he liked it, so I was excited. It’s so much fun making love to my pussy. We continued until the strong cock became stiffer, shot out and penetrated deep inside my open passage…more! My cat is full! his cum and himself came out of the bar! He did it again! He’s got me! After thinking about it, I have to agree. – What’s good about not ejaculating?


It’s not about love. It’s about pure sex and pleasure. Some of my girlfriends will talk about this vacation. I know this can be the most fun for me. The feeling is too strong to describe. Bill fell back, exhausted. “Not many women can make me orgasm so many times. She has a body and a pussy. Congratulations on finally settling down. Oh, btw, before you get there, take me into the room. do exercise.

I got dressed and managed to go to the ladies’ room and clean up as much as I could. My pussy was blown away after a good workout we just enjoyed. I put a napkin on my tissue to absorb the vaginal discharge.

When I got back from the ladies’ room, Bill said he had a friend who wanted to ask the three of us out if I was interested. He told me I would miss out on a great experience if I never had three people with him. Bill told me he had done this before and the woman was always very pleased. It’s a win for everyone involved. I wonder how can I be happy right now.


He told me that he liked having three men with one woman, and if I had a girlfriend, he would love that. I’m sure it will be a man. “My God!” Are the two of you together? “This was just our first time and they offered to add someone else? I was shocked and said, ‘I don’t think so’.” It was the first time with Bill and it was pure joy. There is no romance, only sex. He has a lot of experience and I hope to benefit from that.


My interest in Bill’s proposal was rekindled the next day. I admit, I was wondering what would happen if I was naked with two men. One person sucks, and the other licks? … Maybe one sucks, and the other, maybe with the biggest cock, fucks me from behind. They will eat more than yours! Did I say they all pissed me off? Of course, when I come here, of course! How to get started What can I expect? Do I hold back at the last minute? I started to imagine many scenarios and my imagination went wild.

I have researched and read some forums with three people and found that it is more than I thought. This seems like a fantasy to many women. Maybe I’ll wait and see how the second one plays out… oh listen! How can I do this? I don’t know what to do, but I’m curious. In the meantime, I’ll accept Bill’s offer. I want to practice more with it.